Episode 3: Transportation

Bob hosts as Wade and Mark make their predictions on what the next major form of transportation will be, taking many wrong turns in the process...

Host: Bob
Presenters: Mark & Wade
You spin me right round baby right round
The information super hugway

Points Given Out

+1 point for Wade for intriguing @19:34

+1 point for Mark for also intriguing @19:49

+6 points to Wade for making Bob feel like he did a lot of good drugs. @27:35

@33:06 Bob says he took points from Wade and goes on to say Wade currently has 3 points, Mark currently has 6 points.

+3 points for Wade, Bob appreciates Wades question @36:04

+5 points for Wade for having Bold ideas @48:14

Winner is Wade

Winner: Wade
With 11 points!
Mark comes in second with 6 points
(Also Bob got 0 points??)