Episode 10: Synchronicity

In front of a "live" Discord audience, the guys discuss synchronicities, déjà vu, mind-reading, and hive minds.

Host: Mark
Presenters: Bob & Wade
No Title
Out of the Semi into the Synchronicity

Points Given Out

@6:30 +1 point to Wade for being 1st on the draw

@7:01 +1 point for a strong title to Wade

@13:01 +1 For Lexus story to Wade

@13:04 -1 point from Wade for breaking rules

@13:14. -1 point from Wade for Masochism

@13:20 -1 from Wade for asking for it

@16:05 +1 point to Bob for not being an ass

@22:02 +1 point to Bob for deep discussion

@57:15 +2 points for Bob because Mark can

Bob is the Winner

Winner: Bob
With 4 points!
Wade comes in second with 0 points