Episode 6: Supernatural

Mark hosts as Bob and Wade trade scary stories. For Bob, it's a strange woman who catches children who stay out too late. For Wade, a true story about how the night after watching “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” may have been scarier than the movie itself!

Host: Mark
Presenters: Bob & Wade
Seasons don't fear the Reaper, they fear the Titties
Millford Chainsaw Massacre

Points Given Out

@5:22 +1 point for Sucking better goes to Bob

@18:59 +1 point for Flabbergasted Phantism goes to Bob

@24:43 +6 points for Content goes to Bob

@33:10 +1 point goes to Wade for “A walk to forget.”

@46:44 -2 points from Wade because Story is fiction.

@51:03 Wade announced the winner and given all Bob’s points

Wade wins

Winner: Wade
With 7 points!
Bob comes in second with 0 points