Episode 11: Perfect Crime

This week Mark, Wade and Bob answer the age-old hypothetical question: what is the "perfect crime?"

Host: Bob
Presenters: Mark & Wade
I did it for Love
My player 2
The Park Wettening. Aka Moistening of the park

Points Given Out

@25:17 x number of points awarded to Mark for a great story about Smithers

@55:42 + points for Wade for his Story

@60:10 some points awarded to Mark for bringing up a good topic/point

@60:15 a little bit of points for Wade because of his Monkey Balloons

@60:23 Mark loses some points for the creepy Mecca Bob story

@60:32 Some points awarded to Wade for not threatening to kill Wade.

Final tally of definitely some numbers Mark wins.

Mark - winner

Winner: Mark
With definitely some points points!
Wade comes in second with at least a few points points