Episode 12: Kids Are Stupid

The guys trade stories about how dumb kids can be: from inventing stupid games, to playing with banned toys, to somehow making it through all of it without a scratch.

Host: Mark
Presenters: Bob & Wade
The hurt in the woods & yard darts should not exist

Points Given Out

@1:24 +10 points not specified to who both Wade and Bob said Mark will always win if they are judge

@14:41 +5 points Bob for story title, and intrigue.

@37:05 +50 points to Bob for a good story

@60:48 +points for getting us distracted aka the essence of distractible.

@61:38 Mark wipes board clean of points

@61:40 +2 points for Wade for finding dangerous kid toys

@61:44 +1 point for Wade for Gilbert info

@62:02 +1 point to Bob for 1st story

@62:03 +1 point to Bob for 2nd Story

@62:10 +3 points to Wade because he still gets them

@62:11 +1 point to Bob because something he said got Mark to the dart blaster

@62:22 Solja update gets a point.

@62:28 +2 points to Bob for having better stories with a point

Bob’s the winner

Winner: Wade
With 6 points!
Bob comes in second with 5 points
(Also Mark got 0 points??)