Episode 14: Future

This week the guys talk about the future: expectations vs. reality. What did people in the past predict the future would be like? Were they accurate? Will we be accurate if we attempt to do the same…?

Host: Wade
Presenters: Bob & Mark

Points Given Out

@2:56 +10 points for Mark for Flattery

@3:04 +1 point for Mark because Bob said Wade couldn’t give points yet.

@3:12 +12 points for Bob because Wade said so

@3:19 double previous points making it 29 because Bob said to hurt him.

@3:29 +30 points to Mark so he can remain somewhere higher than Bob

@5:35 +10 points to Bob for giving great information.

@5:42 -5 points for Bob for telling Wade like it is.

@5:58 +50 points to Mark for being agreeable

@62:28 +300,000 points to Mark

@62:33 + 300,002 points for Bob

@62:36 Drops Bob’s points to 150,00

@62:39 Wade drops it again to 100,00 at Bob’s request

@62:40 Wade says Bob has 600,000 points

@62:42 Wade tells Bob he has 1 million points

@62:46 +3 million points to Mark because Wade can do that

Mark wins

Winner: Mark
With 3,030,091 points!
Bob comes in second with 1,000,000 points