Episode 5: Fake Tech

Bob prompts a discussion about technology that blurs the lines of reality in this hilarious episode full of gadget scams, 00’s game nostalgia, and if the mute button could exist for real life.

Host: Bob
Presenters: Mark & Wade
Biggest Dumbest Squeeze

Points Given Out

@12:15 +? For Wade for honesty

@12:54 +2 points for Wade for patience

@23:43 +250,000 points to Mark for exceeding prompt.

@51:13 +30 points to Wade to comfort him

@51:27 +400 points to Wade for Quality of invention

@51:47 +75 points to Wade for pick of PS2

Mark is the winner

Winner: Mark
With 250,000 points!
Wade comes in second with 507 points