Episode 08: Conventions

On this episode of the pod, the guys get nostalgic for conventions and all the good and bad that come with them. From notable failed attempts, to bizarre themes (like "pizza" and "baby"), to post-COVID predictions, conventions hold a special place in Mark, Bob, and Wade's hearts.

Host: Bob
Presenters: Mark & Wade
There will be Balls
A con job, that's just show biz

Points Given Out

@19:45 +100 to Mark for References

@19:51 +100 to Mark for Bag of Money

@19:53 +300 to Mark for admitting to peeing in a ball pit

@41:47 +200 to Wade for a Quality Title

@42:04 +100 to Wade for being Casual with guard

@42:09 +1 to Wade for Suspense

@42:22 +50 to Wade for Subverting Authority

@43:40 +200 to Wade for Nostalgia

@44:18 +75 to Wade for Resonance

@45:46 +25 to Wade for Sincerity

Wade Wins

Winner: Wade
With 1,151 points!
Bob comes in second with 1,050 points
(Also Mark got 0 points??)