Episode 4: Camping

Mark recounts the legend of an insane creature from the Rocky Mountains. Bob explains how his formative kayaking trip almost ended like a horror movie, and Wade...well, Wade just does what Wade does...

Host: Wade
Presenters: Bob & Mark
Out of the river, and into the axe murderers den
The day the mountain swallowed

Points Given Out

@2:55 + bonus points to Mark for having a good question.

@3:43 - Mark loses bonus points for not being friends comment

@3:52 +12 bonus points to Bob

@4:44 -12 bonus points for Bob

@5:30 +bonus points for Bob because he asked for them

@5:41 +bonus points for Mark because he asked for them

@6:59 +4 points for Mark for begging or going first depends on who you ask.

@11:51 -30 points for Mark for telling Wade to shut up.

@13:45 +20 points to Bob for 5sea phone service joke

@44:37 +30 to Bob for honesty

@50:38 +300 points for Bob for his story

@50:40 +400 points for Mark for making Wade google lube

@50:47 -120 points for telling Wade to shut up a few times.

Bob is the winner

Winner: Bob
With 324 points!
Mark comes in second with 254 points
(Also Wade got 0 points??)